As teachers and dancers we share both a passion for Argentine Tango and a desire to pass this knowledge along to our students. We bring to every class our shared and varied teaching, dancing, and musical experiences along with a spirit of exploration. We truly believe that through an open minded exploration of movement and music Tango can be fun and rewarding for all students.

"So what is open Tango, anyway?"

Open Tango is not an embrace or style, but rather a state of mind. It is about dancing without constraints, exploring the ever-expanding horizon of possibilities, and the full spectrum of emotions. As dancers we can be playful and passionate, formal and casual, Intimate and dramatic. As teachers we are forever seeking new ways to make our classes fun, fresh and innovative. By focusing on the lead and follow, connection, musicality, and the dynamics of social dancing, we seek to help students express themselves through Tango.

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Contact Sean Dockery and Charity Lebrón:

Available for demonstrations, classes, and private lessons.

Phone: (916) 709-0603

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