Charity Lebrón is a Tucson native who began teaching ballroom dance and learning Argentine Tango in 1999. Though she quickly became obsessed with Tango, she continued to study and teach many other dances including Salsa, Swing, and all of the American Style Ballroom Dances. This has given her a unique and open-minded perspective on connection, musicality, and body mechanics. She has developed a passion for discovery, innovation, and sharing with others, while maintaining a respect and love for the roots of Argentine Tango. In 2005 she moved to San Francisco and began traveling and teaching with Homer Ladas to help inspire tango communities across the U.S., in Canada, and Puerto Rico. She has studied with some of the most creative and innovative teachers Tango has to offer. Charity enjoys sharing her knowledge, and loves helping beginning to advanced tango students take their dance to new heights.