For the last 10 years Sean Dockery has been involved in tango at many levels: as a dancer, teacher and musician. He first started exploring the dance in order to help him better understand Tango music, which he had begun playing on the guitar. After a few short months, the dancing became his main source of drive and inspiration. To Sean, the tango couple is another member of the Tango orquestra, so naturally, his focus in dancing is rhythm and musicality. He has been teaching Argentine Tango around the country for about 8 years, and is constantly updating and revising his teaching strategies to be more effective. In 2008 he met Juliana at a tango festival in Portland Or. Juliana was then, as now, an enthusiastic and passionate dancer. She has a style that is both elegant and intense. After getting married and having a beautiful baby (Sophie) in 2010, Sean and Juliana began teaching together. As teachers and dancers they share both a passion for Argentine Tango and a desire to pass this knowledge along to their students. They bring to every class their shared and varied teaching, dancing, and musical experiences along with a spirit of exploration. They currently teach weekly Classes in Berkeley, California.

Sean also has a passion for DJing Argentine Tango. As a DJ he feels his job is to facilitate the energy and atmosphere of the milonga, provide smooth transitions throughout the evening, manage the delicate balance between predictability and creativity, and most importantly, keep people dancing! Locally, Sean DJs a weekly practica at The Beat, and at the Cellspace Alternative Milonga. He has also DJed at the San Francisco Tango Exchange, and in Sacramento, Tuscan, and Montreal.